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Ireo Waterfront Real Estate Ludhiana

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Project Overview
The heart of the city beats
at a beautiful water body.
Sustainable Living
Ireo Waterfront
The colour is green: Beautiful, clean, and responsible.
Sustainable Design & Environment Highlights Landscape : Parks And Open Spaces
Our landscape strategy is based on integration of the parks and open spaces into the network of residential neighborhoods and commercial districts. The different green open spaces connect the residents to their neighbourhoods, promote good health practices, educate the community about the environment, provide a a place for a variety of events to occur, and give the residents more choices for recreation. Read more...
The open green space system is a critical component within the storm water drainage and regeneration system. The parks provide locations for retention ponds, bio swales, and water harvesting.
The strategic location of neighbourhoods parks provides a way to help cool the environment by bringing shade and plant life within the community.

Paving And Hardscapes:
A variety of paving systems reduces monotony, define a character within the neighbourhood, and allow the residents visually identify their addresses. Read more...
A use of previous surfaces is a key component in reducing the intensity of the water runoff and helping to cool the environment.
Color-coding of the paving adds a character to spaces, provide interest and variety to the pedestrain and vehicular experiences aside from directing them to proposed parking, playing and safety zones.
The integration of recycled material lessens the cost of the materials and educates the community of sustainable practices.