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Ireo Waterfront Real Estate Ludhiana

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Project Overview
The heart of the city beats
at a beautiful water body.
Sustainable Living
Ireo Waterfront
The colour is green: Beautiful, clean, and responsible.
Sustainable Design & Environment Highlights Landscape : Parks And Open Spaces
Rainwater Harvesting:
  Collected rainwater is stored in the harvesting pits and used to water vegetation and recycled for consumption.
Passive Cooling:
  Screening elements are used as a form of passive cooling that ventilates and provides shade. Selected materials with light color palette help prevent solar heat gain.
  Shading elements above windows, such as trellises, lovers, protruding overhangs of the upper floors serve as a form of climatic protection from the sun.
  Large overhangs serve to shade interior rooms and reduce overall interior temperatures.
  Environmental clearance with GOLD Grading for energy resource balance by Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF).