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Project Overview
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Inner Connectivity
Ireo Waterfront Power Backup
Power supply shall be brought to the site using a separate 66 KV feeder from PSEB.
Independent 66/11 KV substation will be provided dedicated for the township within the site, self owned and maintainted thus ensuring reliable, continuous and quality power supply. Read more...
Further Distribution of power within the site will be done at 11 KV level using Underground cables instead of overhead lines thus avoiding chances of power cuts during thunderstorms and rains.
Latest state of the art equipment such as Vacuum Circuit Breakers, LT Air Circuit Breakers, XLPE armored underground cabling, dual source compact package substations, solic state protection relays, control supply network etc. will be provided for complete thermal, short circuit and earth fault protection of the system.
Individual dual energy source meters will be provided for consumers to facilitate separate metering for PSEB and backup supply applicable at different tariffs.
Facility shall be provided for Centralized billing and payment collection. No need to approach PSEB with individual service requests.
100% Power Back up for the entire township will be provided with Centralized DG Plant thus avoiding need for individual DG sets at each villa. 11 KV high performance gen sets will be provided for efficient and quality power generation. Automatic switching ON of DG sets in case of PSEB Power failure will ensure minimum loss of supply.