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Project Overview
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Inner Connectivity
Road and Infrastructure Corridors The Transport Analysis Modeling Process The Road Network divider
The roads in the township have strict hierarchy, based on the traffic analysis. This network is designed to ensure an efficient local road system.
Starting from 27 meter wide "spine" road, which connects all neighbourhoods and provides an access link between Sidhwan Canal road and Ferozepur road, inter-connecting neighbourhood roads are respectively 19, 17 and 15 meters wide. Read more...
Parallel parking lines, visually demarcated with different color-coded paving patterns ensure sufficient and convenient car parking for visitors and residents alike.
All of the mixed-use-centers are properly connected to their respective neighbourhoods and surrounding areas.
The road network has been designed with community intergration as a key design goal. Public services and public spaces are located along the network and the roads play an important role in the daily life of the centers which they connect.